bad programming

The evil code experience

Well, most of the experienced programmers have faced similar situation of trying to make the worst code run. If you have been through the “evil code experience” do let me know in the comments below. The following blog is a direct copy of a fantastic answer from stackoverflow website. I felt every programmer should read […]


Epic battery life: Smartphones are getting there

A guest blog by Lea Cramer. Lea Cramer is an enthusiastic writer from Germany. After a semester in her dream city, Paris, she moved to London to continue her studies and pursue her goal: becoming a journalist.  Her passion for technology stems from the fact that it’s an ever growing market, which will continue to do just that: blossom & grow! The touch screen smartphone age has […]

JavaScript by Saad

J.S. I love you

[This is a humorous blog, where, the last letter from the book [amazon-product text=”P.S. I Love You” type=”text”]140130916X[/amazon-product] is modified as a letter from programmer to JavaScript creator / developer. Read, Share, Enjoy 🙂 ] Programmer : Dear JS developer, I don’t have much time. I don’t mean literally, I mean, you’re out preparing to release […]


Freedom For Developers [C#]

I have recently noticed the rise of  “ecosystem” awareness among non-technical crowd. This awareness is a blessing for companies who are trying hard to get on consumer’s desk [computer], hand [tablet] and in pocket [mobile]. For example an iPhone user is now more likely buying an iPad, a windows user preferring to buy a Surface tab […]

Being in the race

As per Einstein nothing can travel faster than light. However, technological advancements are moving faster than the speed of light [ yes that is a valid comparison 😉 ]. And everyone, yes everyone , even remotely related to technology is working hard to lead the race. Things are more faster, efficient and reliable and these […]

Collaboration – The success principle

The word success have different meanings depending on the perception of the person defining it. But no matter how a person defines, it always includes accomplishments of different forms. There are numerous books and articles written on success thus I am writing on one of the key principle of success – Collaboration. Collaboration for many is […]

Microsoft Gulf open door

Open Door UAE

What is Microsoft’s Open Door Event? Microsoft Open Door event is a place where customers, partners, enthusiasts meet. In the event Microsoft’s latest products, be it software solution or hardware are showcased. Along with the products an attendee will also know about the latest news and updates from Microsoft. What is the registration fee for […]

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia has been trying hard in the smart phone era.  Once a leader in cell phone market failed to conquer in the smart phones arena. With Lumia 920 with windows 8, looks like Nokia is back in the competition.  It has got fabulous specs and pretty good hardware. One can also find the “rough & tough” feel, […]

Microsoft Surface

With “Surface” Microsoft has entered the tablet market. Surface was the name of a multi-touch table built by Samsung {SUR40] which is now called as PixelSense. Here is a quick review of Microsoft Surface tablet. It is a very artistic tablet and the touch & feel of this tablet is pretty good. The Good Core […]